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    What is Office in a Box?

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    • A resource to assist small and rural charities in improving voluntary compliance with the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) requirements
    • A system to help organize and archive an organization’s important information
    • A source of information and a tool to educate members of boards

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  • Office in a Box is currently not available for purchase, but may be downloaded by clicking on the icon for your province.
    NOTE: Office in a box has not been updated to reflect the new Canada Not-for-Profit legislation.


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    What’s in Office in a Box?

    • resources, forms, and contacts to help you complete required forms accurately for the CRA
    • information for small and rural organizations to assist in maintaining key books and records relating to charitable status
    • information on and samples of what your organization must retain in order to operate in a compliant manner
    • a place for key legal documents including certificate of incorporation, bylaws, and policies
    • other important documents and information that should be centrally located for quick and easy access
    • a collection of savable templates



    Church Office in a Box

    • Church Office in a Box (COiB) was created in 2011 by, and for the use of, the Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (MCEC). It was adapted from the original Office in a Box (OIB) created by Charity Central Essentials and the Legal Resource Centre of Alberta Ltd. (LRC) in 2010.
    • COiB assists the congregations of Mennonite Church Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick) in improving voluntary compliance with the Canada Revenue Agency’s requirements for registered charities. Specifically, these churches are aided in more accurately and easily complying with the Income Tax Act’s requirements to maintain adequate books and records.
    • COiB could also be of assistance to churches of other denominations and faiths.
    • COiB is funded through a grant from the Mennonite Foundation of Canada.

    • Office in a Box was created by Charity Central Essentials, a project of the Legal Resource Centre, and made possible by a financial contribution from the CRA.