Registered Charities

Registered Charities

This section covers general issues including accountability, how to become a registered charity, the official documents that registered charities received, Office in a Box (OIB) and other topic areas that do not relate to receipting, fundraising and books and records.

Information in this section was developed and is presented in four formats:

  • Information Map: shows the interrelationships of the concepts and procedures on registered charities. This gives the framework of how each piece of information fits in the overall picture;

  • Modules: information is presented in a sequence that may assist users in incorporating this new information into their knowledge base;

  • FAQs: answer common questions raised about general issues on registered charities. This very helpful if your question is the same as what was presented. If your question is different, this requires you to transfer and apply the information presented. It is good as an introduction to the topic but it is not designed to cover all the related information;

  • General Resources: comes in the form of Fast Facts, Tipsheet, Guide and Articles. They each present a summary of the topic and are broader in scope than a FAQ.

  • Links: additional information and resources on the basic legal requirements for Canadian charities that are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.


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